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Piano Renewal Initiative

Please consider supporting our Piano Renewal Initiative. If you have a high-quality piano in good condition that you are no longer using, or if you would like to purchase or contribute towards a new piano, please contact the Department of Music Office for more information regarding our specific needs.

Metropolitan Club donates Steinway M grand piano

Katz Foundation donates new Steinway recital piano

Leon Bates Masterclass and Mini-Concert officially launches Piano Renewal Initiative.

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Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Music Therapy

MUSJ-101. Music Therapy I. 3 crs. A study of the history of the profession of Music Therapy, and an examination of the philosophy and principles of Music. Therapy Practice in mental health, hospital, and medical and school delivery system with adults and Children. FALL

MUSJ-102. Music Therapy II. 3 crs. A study of the music therapist in the clinical setting, with an emphasis on the client/therapist relationship. Includes an examination of major theories of psychotherapy and their relationship to music therapy practice. Includes group musical tasks and experimental music to encourage students to begin a personal examination of music and its effect upon their own lives. CLINICAL PRACTICUM IS REQUIRED. Prereqs.: MUSJ-101, MUSJ-105, or permission of instructor. SPRING/FALL

MUSJ-103. Voice Class for Instrumental Majors. 1 cr. Course designed to introduce the fundamentals of vocal song performance to instrumentalists. Includes group singing, folk, and traditional songs.

MUSJ-105. Clinical Orientation. 2 crs. Initial clinical experience involving group participation and observation of methods and techniques employed in therapeutic settings; accompanied by seminar. Prereqs. MUSJ-101, admission to MT degree program, or permission of instructor. SPRING

MUSJ-107, 108. Guitar Techniques for Music Therapy. 2 crs. ea. Advanced guitar instruction and study of repertoire with emphasis on adaptive techniques for special populations. Prereqs. MUSJ-101, 2 semesters of MUSO-100.

MUSJ-110. Methods and Techniques in Music Therapy. 2 crs. Experimental overview of techniques used in musical therapy treatment in group and individual therapy employing vocal and instrumental techniques. CLINICAL PRACTICUM IS REQUIRED. Prereqs. MUSJ-101, admission to MT program or permission of instructor. SPRING

MUSJ-115 Influence of Music on Behavior. 3 crs. An examination of humankind's behavioral, emotional and physical response to music; study of applicable music therapy interventions (GIM, etc.) INCLUDES CLINICAL PRACTICUM. Prereqs.: MUSJ-101, MUSJ-102, MUSJ-105, admission to MT program or permission of instructor. FALL

MUSJ-120 Psychology of Music. 3 crs. A study of the acoustical and psychological aspects of music and related literature. SPRING/FALL

MUSJ-121. Senior Practicum. 2 crs. Clinical experience with emphasis on independent planning for individual and group sessions. Prereqs.: MUSJ-101, MUSJ-102, MUSJ-105, MUSJ-110, MUSJ-115. SPRING

MUSJ-135. Music Therapy Internship. 1 cr. A 6-12 month period of clinical training in a music therapy program (approved by the American Music Therapy Association) under the direct supervision of a music therapist. Prereqs: All music department requirements and all music therapy curriculum courses. SPRING/FALL



On-Campus Auditions for Fall 2019 Admission
were held on January 26 and March 2, 2019. Interested students who did not audition on those dates may request a special appointment by contacting the appropriate Performance Area Coordinator ASAP.

University Academic Calendar 2018-2019 (rev. 04/06/2018)

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News of Note

Event Highlights

Many of our events are FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!



Arthur C. Dawkins, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
Dr. Dawkins will introduce his new website that includes interviews with some of the major architects of modern jazz (Gillespie, Blakey, Roach).

Photo of Arthur C. Dawkins, Ph.D.He will also discuss the evolution of Jazz Education at Howard University.

Childers Recital Hall, Thu, Mar 7, 12:40pm FREE



Special Guest Joseph Grimmer, NSO Bassoonist
featuring Joseph Grimmer, Bassoon and Sophia Kim Cook, piano accompaniment - Childers Recital Hall, Thu, Jan 17, 12:40pm FREE

Pic of Joseph Grimmer, bassoonist

Liana Valente, Soprano
Faculty member Liana Valente, soprano, appears with pianist Yuri Chayama - Childers Recital Hall, Thu, Feb 21, 12:40pm FREE