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Piano Renewal Initiative

Please consider supporting our Piano Renewal Initiative. If you have a high-quality piano in good condition that you are no longer using, or if you would like to purchase or contribute towards a new piano, please contact the Department of Music Office for more information regarding our specific needs.

Metropolitan Club donates Steinway M grand piano

Katz Foundation donates new Steinway recital piano

Leon Bates Masterclass and Mini-Concert officially launches Piano Renewal Initiative.

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Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Music Theory and Composition

Music MUSB-001. Fundamentals of Music. 0 cr. Study of notation, simple rhythms, intervals, scales, and dictation of melodies.

MUSB-002. Introduction to Theory (non-music majors). 3 crs. Study of scales, notation, simple rhythms, intervals.

MUSB-003 (I), 004 (II). Elementary Ear Training and Sight Singing. 2 crs. ea. Development of music reading skills, with emphasis on melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic dictation, and music literature. Coreq: MUSB-021, 022.

MUSB-011 (I), 012 (II). Advanced Ear Training and Sight Singing. 2 crs. ea. Advanced music reading, emphasizing contemporary literature, and melodic-rhythmic-harmonic dictation. Coreq.: MUSB-041, 042.

MUSB-016/116. Keyboard Harmony. 2 crs. 016: harmonization, transposition, and improvisation at the keyboard; 116: advanced harmonization, and keyboard improvisation and score reading. Prerequisites: MUSB-003 and passing grade on Piano Proficiency Exam (MUSE-051).

MUSB-021 (I), 022 (II). Elementary Harmony, (I, II). 3 crs. ea. Presents basic principles of diatonic harmony through melodic harmonizations, creative writing, and analysis. Coreq.: MUSB-003, 004.

MUSB-025. Survey of Harmony (Non-Majors). 3 crs. Spring. A compressed course covering diatonic and chromatic tonal harmony, 20th centry harmonic languages, and popular music harmonic styles. Emphasis placed on developing analytical skills, especially or Musical Theatre majors. Prerequisite: MUSB-021.

MUSB-041 (I), 042 (II). Advanced Harmony, (I, II). 3 crs. ea. Study of chromatic harmony and melody through harmonization, creative writing, and analysis, along with an introduction to twentieth-century techniques. Prereqs.: MUSB-021, MUSB-022. Coreq.: MUSB-011, 012.

MUSB-043. Counterpoint. 3 crs. Introduction to the study of voice leading via the species approach. Prerequisite: MUSB-042.

MUSB-103. Orchestration. 3 crs. Instrumentation and scoring for large and small ensembles. Prereqs.: MUSB-042, MUSD-013, MUSD-015, MUSM-017, and MUSM-019.

MUSB-104. Advanced Orchestration. 3 crs. Instrumentation and scoring for band and smaller ensembles, including jazz and pop idioms. Prereqs.: MUSB-103.

MUSB-124. Form and Analysis. 3 crs. Composite course in linear, harmonic, and formal analysis. Prerequisite: MUSB-042.

MUSB-125. Analysis. 3 crs. Continuation of MUSB-124 for Composition majors. Prerequisite: MUSB-124 or consent of instructor.

MUSB-151, 152. Composition. 3 crs. ea. Consists of writing in small forms for simple instrumental combinations. Prerequisite: MUSB-042.

MUSB-153, 154. Composition. 3 crs. ea. Continuation and intensification of MUSB-152. Prereqs.: MUSB-151, 152.

MUSB-207. Individual Research. 3 crs. Directed by a member of the faculty. Students may receive credit for this course twice. Prerequisite: Permission of faculty member.



On-Campus Auditions for Fall 2019 Admission
were held on January 26 and March 2, 2019. Interested students who did not audition on those dates may request a special appointment by contacting the appropriate Performance Area Coordinator ASAP.

University Academic Calendar 2018-2019 (rev. 04/06/2018)

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News of Note

Event Highlights

Many of our events are FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!



SAASy at National Museum of American History
Vocal jazz ensemble directed by Jessica Boykin-Settles. Walter H. Coulter Performance Plaza, National Museum of American History - Thu, April 25, 12pm - FREE

HUJE at Calvin Jones Big Band Jazz Festival
Annual concert hosted by UDC featuring the big bands of the University of the District of Columbia, Howard University, and the University of Maryland. Theater of the Arts, University of the District of Columbia, 4200 Connecticut Ave NW, WDC - Mon, April 29, 8pm - $Admission

Pic of Howard University jazz Ensemble ("HUJE")

April is Jazz Appreciation Month!
Join us in April as we celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month 2019. Many events are free and open to the public!

Howard U Jazz Week 2019 Sidebar Calendar
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Arthur C. Dawkins, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Introduces HU Jazz Oral History Project
Dr. Dawkins will introduce the website that includes interviews with some of the major architects of modern jazz (Gillespie, Blakey, Roach). This work may be found in the Moorland-Spingarn Library Collection at http://library.howard.edu/jazz/.

Photo of Arthur C. Dawkins, Ph.D.Dr. Dawkins will also discuss the evolution of Jazz Education at Howard University.

Childers Recital Hall, Thu, Mar 7, 12:40pm FREE

HUJE Spring Concert feat. Special Guest Derrick Gardner
Ira Aldridge Theater, Tue, April 9, 12:40pm FREE

Pic of Howard University jazz Ensemble ("HUJE")

Professor Chris Royal, D.M.A., Discusses the Legacy of Louis Armstrong
Childers Recital Hall, Thu, April 11, 11am - FREE

Pic of Louis Armstrong
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Jazz in Class: HU Jazz Improvisation Showcase
Childers Recital Hall, Thu, April 11, 12:40pm - FREE

Vocal Jazz Ensembles at Westminster
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Fri, April 12, 6-9pm $

Flyer for Afro Blue, SAASy and HU Jazz Singers at Westminster Chiurch 4/12/19
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Symphony Orchestra & Concert Band Joint Spring Concert
Orchestral works by Handel and Beethoven. Ira Aldridge Theater, Sun, Apr 14, 4pm - FREE

Symphony Orchestra Concert Poster for 4/14/19
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2019 NEA Jazz Master Abdullah Ibrahim Presents Masterclass
Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts. Childers Recital Hall, Tue, April 16, 12:40-1:30pm - FREE

Colorful Flyer for Abdullah Imbrahim Masterclass on Tue 4/16
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Jazz Ensemble ("HUJE") at Westminster
Westminster Presbyterian Church, 400 I Street SW, WDC - Fri, April 19, 6-9pm $5 Admission

Pic of Howard University jazz Ensemble ("HUJE")